Artificial Intelligence

Leaders are starting to understand the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Public and Private organizations are starting to take notice.

The recent surge of interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is, in large part, due to achievements and future possibilities made possible by science-based Machine Learning. Organizational leaders must not just measure progress in science and technology but also consider ethics standards, the advances in AI as a result of the role of government and the development of AI talent here in the US.

Progress in Technology

Predicting the future of AI is difficult. We can be certain that technology will continue to evolve, as it has over the past 50 years. Advances in natural pattern recognition, language processing, computer vision, mathematical algorithms, computational science, and automation will continue.

We have reached a tipping point where public and private investment in AI will increase exponentially over the next 5-10 years. This investment will further support new discoveries in AI potential. Exactly what these discoveries will be over the next decade is uncertain. The discoveries will, however, align to the promise of technologies that may learn and act autonomously.

Leaders must be aware of the changes in the technology landscape, know when to adopt certain technologies that have promise and understand how to apply them to their organization.

Role of Government

The increasing potential of Artificial Intelligence solutions and threats from foreign actors over the past few years has led to an interest from both domestic and foreign governments to take action. Governments recognize that the country who leads in each layer of the AI stack (hardware, data, algorithms, applications, integration, talent) will have an advantage over other foreign powers. Governments will work together to mitigate the potential threats of bad actors. Government action will incentivize private and public enterprise to develop leading AI solutions here in the US.

Leaders must be aware of the role of government and the result of government action in order to take full advantage of governments role in AI.

Development of AI Talent

The competition for talent is fierce. In some cases, the cost of attracting and retaining AI talent is significant. In many cases, AI talent does not exist. There are, however, programs here in the US working toward increasing the supply of AI resources.

Leaders must know when to partner and when to hire. Leaders must be aware of where to find AI talent to bring into their organization. Or leaders must know who to partner with to achieve success.

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